Community Matrons

Community Matrons are experienced registered nurses with advanced assessment and clinical nursing skills. They work as part of larger community teams that together provide holistic assessment, planning and care for people with a range of health and social care needs.

Community Matrons work with the patient, their carer and their doctor to co-ordinate care and services for people who suffer from multiple chronic diseases, have complex health needs and are high users of healthcare services. As well as providing nursing care, Community Matrons act as a patient's ‘Case Manager' and will be a single point of contact for care, support and advice. Through their care and support the Community Matrons aim to help patients manage their conditions at home and avoid unnecessary admission to hospital.

"The District Nurses who came to dress the wound following my husband's operation were wonderful, helpful and very friendly...We can't thank you enough and I'm sure his recovery was enhanced by their care."

Patient's wife

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The Community Matrons work within larger multi-disciplinary health and social care teams who together aim to provide a highly integrated service for patients. Each community team can draw on the following expertise and services - so patient care is coordinated and managed between different services:

Through the integrated community teams, patients benefit from:

  • Improved coordination, communication and support between services and settings, eg hospital and home
  • Single holistic assessments rather than being repeatedly assessed by different teams
  • Proactive and planned care to help avoid unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Greater information and access to support to help self-manage conditions
  • Rapid support if they require unplanned care.