Falls Service

The Falls Service in mid Surrey provides support for people (within specific criteria) who have fallen. The focus is on rehabilitation, prevention of further falls and promoting independence.  

The mid Surrey Falls Team works closely with the Integrated Rehabilitation Service (IRS) and the Community Hub teams, supporting people who:

  • Are residents of nursing homes
  • Are under the care of a Community Matron 
  • Are more mobile and able to attend group exercise and balance classes.

"Your service has been helpful in every way. I have been encouraged to regain my confidence and I am grateful."

Falls Service patient

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After the Falls Service receives a referral, the patient will be placed on a waiting list and contacted once they reach the top of the list to make an appointment for an initial assessment. If a patient wishes to have a member of the family, a friend or an advocate present during the assessment, the Falls team will try to accommodate this and arrange the appointment accordingly.

A member of the Falls team will come out to assess the patient and their situation. Together they will identify any areas in which the patient is having difficulties, and set a jointly agreed plan for how the Falls team can best assist the patient to become more independent, prevent further falls and improve their quality of life. The most appropriate location for ongoing treatment is also determined at this stage.

Patients may receive home or clinic input according to their needs and goals. These appointments will be arranged individually with the appropriate Falls team member. The Falls team monitors and reviews each patient’s progress on an ongoing basis and adjust the plan as needed. The Falls team provides short term support, from a few days up to three months, depending on each individual patient’s needs.

The decision to discharge a patient from the Falls service will be made jointly with the patient according to the progress made and goals achieved.

If, at the end of their period with the Falls service, a patient needs ongoing intervention, the Falls team will assist them to access the appropriate service(s).