Hand Therapy

The Hand Therapy Service offers specialist assessment and treatment of the hand, wrist and forearm. It is provided by a multidisciplinary team of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy professionals.

Conditions treated include soft tissue injuries (muscle, tendon or ligament), fractures, joint replacements, tendon surgery, sport injuries, tendonitis, Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis. 

"My hand therapist put me at ease and gave me confidence...She always listened when I told her how I was getting on with the exercises and she adapted my regime accordingly so I felt we were working together for the best possible outcome. Attending the department was a positive experience for me, for which I am very grateful."

Hand Therapy patient

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Following referral, patients receive a detailed assessment and then agree goals and a treatment plan with their Hand Therapist. Treatment may involve management of swelling, scar tissue or altered sensation. Patients may also be provided with custom-made splints to protect the hand following surgery. Treatment may also be aimed at improving grip strength or range of movement. Advice is offered on joint protection and adaptive devices.