Neuro-rehabilitation Service

Our Community Neuro-rehabilitation Service provides rehabilitation for people with a neurological diagnosis.

The team's services can be provided in outpatient clinics, in the patient’s own home or other appropriate community settings. The multidisciplinary team provides therapy for people with long-term neurological conditions to reduce the impact of these on their daily lives. The service aims to help individuals and their carers to manage their conditions at every stage, from diagnosis onwards.

"Your specialist neuro-rehabilitation nurses demonstrated person-centred care and respect of the human value of my wife and her cognitive impairment. They also considered my needs as her full-time carer, supporting and enhancing my input to my wife's care. Communications between the members of your team were exemplary."

Patient's husband

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The main aims of the Neuro-rehabilitation Service are to:

  • Provide rehabilitation in a timely manner to reduce unnecessary secondary impairments
  • Support early discharge from hospitals back home or into the community
  • Provide education and support at the time of diagnosis and ongoing as required
  • Support the person to develop new ways of dealing with disability and self management of disability
  • Act as a sign post to other resources as and when needed.
  • Prevent unplanned admission to hospital by the timely management of deteriorating conditions.

Once referred, we will prioritise your referral, and depending on the urgency, we will contact you to arrange an appointment.

This first appointment may be in your own home or in an outpatient clinic. During your first appointment we will ask questions to determine what your issues are and carry out a range of assessments to determine how best we can help you. Once this is complete, we will discuss the outcome of this with you (and your family if appropriate) to agree on the goals to be achieved and therefore the best treatment plan.

The frequency, duration and location of your treatment will depend on your needs, and your care will be reviewed at regular intervals.

You may be given written information, exercises, strategies or tasks to practice at home.

Once your treatment is complete you will be discharged from the service, but we will provide information to support you and may refer you on to groups in the community. If your condition changes in the future, you may be referred back into the service.