Wheelchair Service

The Wheelchair Service is a therapist-led wheelchair assessment, prescription and provision service. 

Our aim is to enable independent mobility within the home and local community through the provision of wheelchairs and associated pressure relief and postural care.

The Wheelchair Service provides manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, specialist paediatric buggies and wheelchair seating solutions, pressure relieving wheelchair cushions, and wheelchair postural support to clients who meet the provision criteria.

"Thank you for all you have done, the wheelchair will make such a difference."

Wheelchair Service patient

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The service offers a voucher system to promote choice. This scheme enables individuals who have been assessed and who meet the criteria for provision to access the wider range of wheelchairs in the private market.

The team works closely with wheelchair suppliers and support services to help clients achieve maximum benefit from their wheelchair.

The equipment provided by the service is repaired and maintained free of charge.

Personal Wheelchair Budgets (PWBs)

PWBs aim to provide wheelchair users of all ages with a wider choice regarding their wheelchair provision.

If you meet the eligibility  criteria (see CCG and Wheelchair services website) for an NHS package, you will be offered an assessment and your therapist will discuss the options with you, explaining what a PWB means and how it can be used to meet your needs. 

Your PWB will be based on the cost to the NHS of providing a wheelchair that meets your needs. There is no increase in NHS fundhing but there are options about how you can use your PWB.

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