27 month review

When your child turns two, they will be offered two development reviews: one within early years' education and one within health.

The education review will take place at your child's Ofsted-registered childcare (nursery school or child minder) and is called the Two Year Progress Check. The second review is carried out by a health professional and is called the 27 Month Development Review. The results of the education progress check will be given to you to keep in your child's 'red book' and will be reviewed by the health professional during the health development review.

Your health professional will complete the Development Review with you and your child when they are around 27 months old. This review may take place within a group with other 27 month olds and their parents. 

Both the health 27 Month Development Review and the education Two Year Progress Check are important because they have the same aim of making sure that you and your child get the right support at the right time. While there may be some overlap, each review has a different focus on your child's progress and development, and between them will identify your child’s progress, strengths and needs so you and your health professional and education provider can promote their health and wellbeing, learning and development​. 

90 %

of clients rated their 27 month review as 7-10 out of 10 for helpfulness in reviewing their child’s progress.

"It's reassuring to know that my child is developing as he should be."

Parent, after their child's 27 month check

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The 27 Month Development Review is an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with speech, general development, healthy eating, behavior, toilet training, sleep, immunisations, vision and dental care. Your 'early years' education worker will give you a copy of your child’s Two Year Progress Check to insert into their ‘Red Book’ so that the health visitor who conducts your child's 27 Month Development Review can review the information. If the health visitor feels your child needs more support, they will work with the childcare provider to make sure this happens.​

Included with your invitation letter to the review will be two questionnaires (called the ASQ-3 27 month questionnaire and ASQ:SE-2 30 month questionnaire) for you to complete with your child. These are developmental screening tools that are offered to all children in England at their 27 Month Development Review.

Please bring to your appointment your child’s Personal Child Health Record ('Red Book’), their Two Year Progress Check from your early years' education provider, and both of the completed ASQ-3 questionnaires.

Should your child miss this appointment at 27 months, they can still attend a Development Review up to the age of 30 months. Please contact your local clinic to arrange this.

Our Health Visitor Advice Line is available for any further advice and support for you and your family. If you are concerned about your child's hearing, please contact your health visitor/school nurse or GP. Support for your child’s language development: Face2Face activity resources

Did you know...? From six months, all babies who are drinking less than 500ml formula a day need to be given a Vitamin D supplement, as do all babies/young children up to the age of five to help them to develop healthy bones.

This is because we and our children are unable to get enough Vitamin D from sunlight in this country, or from diet alone.

Speak to your health visitor or nursery nurse in clinic for more information about why Vitamin D is important.


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