Our Children’s Dietitians are trained to give advice to help prevent and treat nutrition related diseases.

Our Dietitians support children and young people aged 0-19 years in the CSH Surrey area. They provide nutritional advice and expertise to children, young people and their families so they can manage their conditions, which can include faltering growth, allergies and intolerances, coeliac disease or those who require tube feeding.

"Our child’s paediatric dietitian with CSH Surrey is a lovely, lovely lady. One of the best dieticians we've ever seen"

Parent of dietetic patient

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The Dietetics team will review the information in your referral and then either send you an appointment by post, or send you a letter asking you to contact the team administrator to book an appointment. Once your appointment has been booked we will provide you with a food and drink diary. You will be asked to complete this and bring it with you to the first appointment, along with your child’s ‘red book’ (Personal Health Record).

Your initial appointment will last up to an hour during which the Dietitian will complete an initial assessment and provide advice based on your child’s condition. They will also weigh and measure your child.

The Dietitian may want to review progress following this initial assessment and will agree this with you at the end of your initial appointment. They will send a report to your GP or other referrer, as well as a copy to you.

If the Dietitian has made a plan to review your child again in clinic, you will be asked to arrange your next appointment with the staff on reception that day. Your follow-up appointment will last 30 minutes. The Dietitian will take your child’s measurements again and review their progress, working with you to adapt their plan accordingly.

The Dietitian may agree with you to do the next follow-up by telephone. If so, she will agree a broad timescale for this to happen, and someone from the team will contact you when the follow-up is due.

In some instances we will offer group education sessions in place of one-to-one reviews in clinic. The Dietitian will discuss this further with you at your child’s appointment if appropriate.

Should your child reach their goals or you feel able to manage on your own, no further follow-up will be arranged and you will be discharged from the service. We will notify your referrer and GP of this.