Paediatric therapies

For children with complex needs, CSH Surrey brings together different therapies into one multi-disciplinary team that ensures integrated care, treatment and support for the children and their families.

The team supports children at home, through special schools, specialist centres in mainstream schools and a specialist clinic in the community ('Little Steps' in Ashtead). For school age children they also work closely with the Local Education Authority and schools to deliver the therapies specified in the child's Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

My son has just completed a course of therapeutic listening. It has made a huge difference to our quality of life as a family. My son is now much calmer, more able to manage small routine changes, and his sleep has improved along with his eating habits. I found the program very easy to access and use, and the therapist was fantastic at explaining the programme, and at answering any questions I had. The sensory side of occupational therapy is so important and it has helped my son in ways I really never thought possible. If I ever thought that my son needed more help in this area, I would not hesitate to ask to be referred back. We have had such a positive experience and I am thankful that programmes like these are available for children like mine.


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CSH Surrey's multi-disciplinary therapy team will triage the referral to ensure an integrated and coordinated range of therapies is put in place to support the child and their family. 

Therapy may include DieteticsPhysiotherapyOccupational Therapy or Speech and Language Therapy.

The teams work together in a multi-professional approach to meet the needs of the child and help them reach their maximum potential.