Speech and Language Therapy

The Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy Service provides assessment, therapy and advice for children up to the age of five years who have speech, language and communication needs. We also support older children who have specialist, complex needs.

We assess and treat children who require support with:

  • Attention and listening
  • Play
  • Social Communication
  • Language - read our page on Developing language, which includes lots of resources as part of our Face2Face campaign to help language development
  • Speech (Pronunciation of sounds)
  • Hearing Loss
  • Complex needs – where more than one service is supporting your child
  • Fluency
  • Feeding and Swallowing

We see children in community clinics, homes, mainstream and special schools, specialist centres within mainstream schools and in hearing impaired specialist centres. Children who are over five are supported through the schools service provided by Surrey County Council.

"We feel more confident with helping our son to improve on his speech, which is improving every day and that's because of the SLT work."

Parent, after attending Speech and Language Therapy sessions

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Pre-school children

Following referral, children are placed on a waiting list. At the first appointment, the assessment session may be quite informal. We will need to discuss various aspects of your child’s development, and we advise you bring along your child's Personal Health Record (the 'red book') containing ages your baby first sat, walked, talked etc.

The Speech and Language Therapist will assess your child and discuss any concerns you may have. Following this, a plan will be created with you regarding the ‘next steps’ for your child.

The possible outcomes of the appointment will be:

- An offer of group or individual therapy
- Individualised targets will be set and reviewed within an agreed time frame
- Transfer to a more appropriate department within the Speech and Language Therapy Service
- Referrals on to other healthcare providers if required
- Discharge from the service if we have no further concerns

See 'useful links' below for further advice and information.

To contact the early years speech and language therapy service, please ring 01372 384 305.

Language development 

One in four children in England now starts school without the language and communication skills they need. Research also shows that by the time a child is five, their vocabulary will predict their future educational success.

To expand your child's vocabulary and to give them the best chance to succeed at school, visit the information and resources on our 'Developing language' web page: our Face2Face campaign offers access to more than 50 ideas sheets and an 'expanding language' video to get you started.