Tongue Tie Service

If your baby has a suspected tongue tie that is impacting on breastfeeding, you will be invited to an appointment with a specialist health professional who will assess the tongue tie. Following this assessment, your baby may or may not be offered the tongue tie procedure depending on the level of impact on breastfeeding. If the procedure if offered, it will be undertaken during the appointment. Advice on breastfeeding will also be shared.

"I would like to report my excellent experience with the breastfeeding counsellors who have provided me with good advice and service with respect to my son’s tongue tie...The explanation and performance of the procedure was very professional and reassuring."

Parent, after attending a Tongue Tie Clinic

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You will receive a letter inviting to attend the assessment. If you are unable to make the date and time, please call the tongue tie administrator (whose details will be on the letter) so they can offer you an alternative. If you no longer need or wish your baby to have the assessment, please call the administrator so they appointment can be offered to another baby.

You will need to bring your Personal Child Health Record ('red book') to the assessment.

At the assessment, the specially trained health professional will discuss your baby’s breastfeeding history and will examine your baby's tongue tie. 

If they recommend the tongue tie procedure, they will explain what is involved in tongue tie separation, the risks involved and you will be asked to sign a consent form. 

The tongue tie separation will take place, and you will then be encouraged to breastfeed your baby. You will be advised to attend a breastfeeding clinic or group in your area within one week of the procedure so you can receive further support with breastfeeding if you need this. 

No further treatment is usually required.