Clinical services returning to Weybridge Hospital site after devastating fire

Friday 6 October 2017. People in Weybridge will see local health services move back to their original site from mid-November, the NHS confirmed today.

The Rowan Tree and Church Street GP practices, which were temporarily relocated following the fire on 12 July 2017, will move back to the site in a series of temporary buildings as part of an interim solution arranged by site owner NHS Property Services.

The facility will comprise at least 20 interlinked temporary buildings housing the GP practices, treatment rooms and Lloyds Pharmacy and all will be specially fitted out to meet CQC standards for healthcare provision.

As well as the GP practices and the pharmacy, the full range of treatment room services provided by CSH Surrey will be returning:

  • Wound Care Clinics
  • Leg Ulcer Clinics
  • Phlebotomy Clinics
  • ECGs and Injections
  • Removal of Clips and Stitches.

At least 30 parking spaces will be available on site for patients and visitors.

It is envisaged this interim solution will be in place for at least three years while the complex process of establishing permanent arrangements is undertaken, although firm timescales cannot yet be confirmed. Elements of the process include North West Surrey Clinical Commissioning Group consulting with the local community, planning permission, building design and construction.

Martin Steele, Chief Operating Officer for NHS Property Services, said: “These interim measures will allow healthcare provision to return to the site while we support North West Surrey CCG in developing a permanent solution. We’d like to thank our healthcare partners and local residents for their understanding during this process.”

Installation work is due to take two weeks, beginning on 23 October with most of the fit-out project being carried out before the buildings arrive at site, to minimise disruption.

Charlotte Canniff, Clinical Chair at North West Surrey CCG added:

“We would like to thank all our partners who have worked hard to ensure the continuity of health services for the local Weybridge population, and in particular to NHS Property Services for making accommodation available so quickly. We would also like to thank the local population for their patience and understanding during this time.”

A date for services to restart at the site will be confirmed in coming weeks.

Sarah Tomkins, Associate Director of Adults Services at CSH Surrey for the North West Surrey area, said: “We are very pleased to be relocating the treatment room services back to Weybridge and bringing them closer to the 200-250 people who use them every week. Since the fire in July we have treated nearly 3,000 patients at our temporary base at Walton Community Hospital, and would like to thank them for their patience and support during this time. We are looking forward to delivering our services back on the Weybridge hospital site, where we will continue to serve around 25,000 local people who are registered with the two GP practices.”

The remains of the fire-damaged former health centre have now been removed from the site by specialist contractors. 24-hour security remains at the site.

NHS Property Services can be contacted at 0800 085 3015 or

Two public information meetings will be held on Tuesday 17 October to update local residents following the fire at Weybridge Community Hospital in July.  There will be an update on progress so far in relation to the relocation of the two GP practices, the pharmacy and some community services back to the Weybridge Hospital site in temporary accommodation. There will also be an update on plans to engage residents on the future shape/design of the health and care facility in Weybridge.

These meetings will be held at The Weybridge Centre for the Community, Churchfield Place, Off Churchfield Road, Weybridge KT13 8BD, at 2pm - 3.30pm and 7.30pm - 9pm.