CSH Surrey is moving to a new IT System

In September 2020 CSH Surrey adult services moved to a new IT system. Children’s services will be moving on to the same system in December.​

What does this mean for you as a patient?

The move to a new system will take place across both adults and children’s services.

The new system will make it easier for CSH Surrey and your local GP to share information, meaning that as a patient you will only have to give your information once and only clinicians who are responsible for your care will be able to view it.

The way you are seen will not change – for example, if you are visited at home for your appointments, it will still remain the same.

You may however experience a slightly longer wait for an appointment during this period.

Your local team will be in contact with you to advise of any delays in you being seen by a community nurse.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and are working hard to minimise the impact for our patients.

Please contact your GP if you have any concerns.