Listening Project

January 2013

Surrey patients will be urged to share their experiences in a new ‘listening project’ 

“What’s life like in your shoes?” That’s the key question Central Surrey Health will be asking patients during February, as part of a project to understand more about the things that really matter to patients. 

Each workshop lasts two hours and will involve a mixture of 1:1 conversations between patients and staff, as well as some group feedback and discussion. Patients with both ‘great’ and ‘poor’ experiences are invited to get involved so Central Surrey Health learns what it needs to ‘do more of’ as well as what it needs to ‘do less of’ or to change to improve experiences. 

In addition to the workshops, Central Surrey Health is involving its house and hospital bound patients, as well as mums and children who use its Children and Families services in the project through home, clinic and hospital visits.