Raising awareness to prevent pressure damage

November 2013. CSH Surrey's nursing and therapy teams came together on Thursday 21st November to raise awareness of pressure damage and how to prevent it. They were supported by therapists from Surrey County Council's Adults Services team.

The event - a free drop-in session from 1-4pm - was held at Bourne Hall Health Centre in Ewell. Advice ranged from how to prevent pressure damage (eating well, keep moving, keep skin clean and dry) to awareness of where pressure ulcers tend to occur and how spot a pressure ulcer.

  • Pressure ulcers are the single most costly chronic wound within the NHS. They cost the NHS between £1.76m and £2.64m every year - and yet are preventable
  • Pressure ulcers affect nearly 20% of all patients
  • They most commonly occur at the sacrum and the heels. Other common areas include the buttocks, ankles and hips
  • Consequences for people who develop pressure ulcers include: increased pain, reduced vitality, reduced physical activity and generally reduced quality of life. Pressure ulcers may also lead to death.

Visitors to the event included members of the public and those working in the health and care sectors.