Six extra beds for Dorking Community Hospital

October 2013 CSH Surrey re-opened Dorking Community Hospital on 14th October with an additional six beds, bringing the total at the hospital to 18. The six additional beds have been commissioned by Surrey Downs CCG in recognition of the need for greater capacity in the system.

Dr Steve Loveless, Dorking Locality GP Lead and Governing Body Member for Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group says: "Dorking Hospital is not only a much loved hospital but it has a central place in Surrey Downs'  vision for the future of services in the area. The re-opening of the inpatient beds with 50% more capacity is the first part of our five year strategy to invest in more community focussed services. The re-opening is timely given that we usually see an increased demand for healthcare services during the winter months and will ensure that local people have access to inpatient care and rehabilitation facilities closer to home."