Staff across Surrey come together to celebrate 70 years of the NHS

CSH Surrey celebrated 70 years of the NHS with a ‘Big 7Tea’ party on 20 July at a venue in Weybridge.

From 5 July 2018, 70 years on from the birth of the NHS, people and NHS organisations across the country have been getting together to ‘raise a cuppa’ to celebrate and raise funds for NHS charities. CSH sites across Surrey, including Woking Community Hospital, also held tea parties. Attendees included the Mayor of Elmbridge, patients, CSH Chief Executive, staff teams, and members of the public.

The ‘Big 7 Tea’ party at in Weybridge was celebrated with the STAR awards which is the annual way of recognising the workforce. The tea party saw CSH co-owners come together to celebrate their talent, achievements, and passion for care they provide in the community.

Nominations were called for and more than 150 nominations for co-owners to receive a ‘Standout, Talented, Achievers, [and] Respected’ (STAR) award were received. There was also a callout for the longest NHS serving co-owners in the organisation.

The STAR Awards tea party was attended by 70 winners who were chosen by the judging panel, colleagues with the longest NHS service within CSH, and Directors of the organisation. Nominations of all award winners were projected on display for the duration of the event and personal letters of thanks were handed out, followed by the afternoon tea.Winners of the award and the longest NHS serving co-owners were also recognised in a Surrey wide article in the Surrey Advertiser.

Victoria Griffiths, Chief Operating Officer at CSH Surrey says:
“The nominations revealed common attributes among all 150 nominees, including putting people first and a real focus on patient and client care. In addition to these attributes, the 70 winners stood out for being consistently ‘can do’ and focused on solutions, for consistently delivering and enabling their teams or services to improve, progress or develop. We are very lucky to have such people working for the NHS at CSH Surrey.”

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