Respiratory Care Team

We work in partnership with local NHS respiratory physicians, GPs, social services and acute hospitals to provide integrated care for patients.

Our respiratory care service is a multi-professional team including specialist nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, therapy technicians and administrative support.

Services provided:

Respiratory assessment

Once referred to our respiratory care service you will be invited to a respiratory specialist assessment with one our clinicians. These clinics are held at:

  • Ashford Hospital
  • Walton Community Hospital
  • Woking Community Hospital

Your respiratory condition and needs will be assessed and this may result in changes to treatment to optimise support for certain conditions and further treatment options provided

Patients who are housebound can be seen at home but this will be assessed on an individual basis

Admission avoidance:

We are not an emergency service but if you are unwell with an exacerbation of your respiratory condition, we can assess, monitor and treat you while you are at home. It may be that we provide support over the phone or in person. This may help you to avoid unnecessarily having to go to hospital.

Post discharge service:

If you were admitted to hospital with an exacerbation of your chronic respiratory condition you can be referred to the RCT for support at home during your recovery.

Pulmonary rehabilitation:

This is an exercise and education programme to help improve your fitness and exercise levels and help your ability to self manage your condition and symptoms.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation is twice a week for 8 weeks and is currently held at:

  • Spelthorne Leisure centre - Monday and Friday 2-4pm
  • Woking Leisure centre - Monday and Friday 10am -12pm
  • Walton community hospital - Tuesday and Thursday 2-4pm


We can advise on the best medication for your present condition and symptoms. We will also work with you to help improve self management of your respiratory symptoms, physical fitness, general activities and daily tasks.

We can offer advice on other ways to manage your condition including an ambulatory Oxygen assessments if appropriate, chest clearance and breathless management.

Psychological support:

We also recognise that there can be a great deal of anxiety related to your respiratory condition and we can provide help with managing anxiety and emotional stresses