Walk-in Centres

Please note that we are unable to treat children under the age of two years so you will need to access another appropriate service.

Walk-in Centres provide nurse-led medical treatment when your condition is urgent but not an emergency, and can provide a quicker and more appropriate route to treatment than hospital Accident and Emergency departments (A&E).

Patients needing advice and treatment for minor injuries and illnesses should go to Woking or Ashford Walk in Centres. These are open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week (except Christmas day 8am-4pm). At times of high demand you may be redirected to another service or asked to return the following day.

Pay on exit parking operates at both sites.

To find your nearest urgent care service go to:


Our nurse-led walk-in centres will provide you with treatment for minor illnesses and injuries (X-ray facilities also available).

Please note that we cannot help with the following. If you are:

  • Parent / guardian / carer of a child under two years of age
  • If you are pregnant, we recommend calling NHS 111 for advice and so that you can be referred to the most appropriate service. We are unable to provide any treatment for pregnancy-related illness or issues for example, labour / breathing issues/chest pain/ lack of baby movement. We cannot provide any medication, even if it does not relate to pregnancy.
  • Frail and elderly with multiple health issues
  • Needing a repeat prescription
  • Have a head injury and are over 65 years

..you will need to access another appropriate service i.e.

  • Your GP
  • Call NHS 111
  • An urgent treatment centre or accident and emergency (A&E)

Find services near you - NHS (www.nhs.uk)