X-ray Service

Our outpatient X-ray services operates from Walton Community Hospital and Woking Community Hospital and provideds a general X-ray service to local GPs, outpatient clinics, inpatient referrals and patients referred from our walk-in centres.

Please note that we do not operate a walk-in service for patients. 

Temporary parking arrangements are in place from 8 January 2024 at Woking Community Hospital. Find out more on this link.


If your doctor has said you need an X-ray, the request form is sent electronically to the department. Unless your personal details have changed, we will contact you with an appointment once we have received the referral.

Patients with a completed GP referral will be X-rayed and their results will go back to their GP. The patients are then informed about results by their GP approximately a week after initial X-ray
(GP surgeries require time to file the results before patients phone for results).

Other services i.e. walk-in centre, outpatients and inpatients receive their results within 2-3 days.