District and Community Nursing

Our community nursing service supports patients in the community and their carers by providing direct nursing care. They also work with patients to enable them to care for themselves, or with family members to teach them how to give care to their relatives.

CSH Surrey has three community-based nursing teams that cover the north west Surrey area. The teams employ specialist nurses (District Nurses and Community Matrons) who are qualified in providing care in the home. Each team is led by a locality team leader and includes registered general nurses, district nurses, healthcare assistants, community matrons and administrative support.

Community Nurses work closely with GPs, Social Services, hospitals, specialist nurses (eg respiratory, continence, wound nurses), continuing care nurses, hospices and voluntary agencies to ensure patients’ needs are fully met.

The community nursing teams are particularly skilled in providing palliative/end of life care at home. They work closely with GPs and specialist palliative care teams to give support to patients, their relatives and carers and to deliver a high standard of nursing care. 

"The District Nurses who came to dress the wound following my husband's operation were wonderful, helpful and very friendly...We can't thank you enough and I'm sure his recovery was enhanced by their care."

Patient's wife

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Community nursing teams care for housebound patients who have acute, complex and end-of-life needs to maximise their health and wellbeing. The Community Nursing Service is committed to providing compassionate, equitable and accessible care to its housebound patients. This is achieved by working closely with GPs, social services, hospitals, specialist nurses, therapists, hospices and voluntary agencies. The teams treat patients in their own homes, preventing avoidable hospital admissions and supporting early hospital discharges.

Community nursing teams work as part of larger community teams that together provide holistic assessment, planning and care for people with a range of health and social care needs so patient care is coordinated and managed between different services. The larger multi-disciplinary teams are called Community Hubs or Integrated Locality Teams. 

  • In north west Surrey there are also three teams and they cover the Woking area, the Runnymede and Elmbridge area, and the Spelthorne area.

Contact details for each team can be found in the green section to the right of the map.

Through the wider community teams, patients benefit from:

  • Improved coordination, communication and support between services and settings, eg hospital and home
  • Single holistic assessments rather than being repeatedly assessed by different teams
  • Proactive and planned care to help avoid unnecessary hospital admissions
  • Greater information and access to support to help self-manage conditions
  • Rapid support if they require unplanned care.

Tissue Viability

CSH Surrey's Tissue Viability service provides expert advice for the nursing and therapy teams employed by CSH Surrey. Our specialist nurses - experienced, qualified nurses who have undertaken specialist training in the assessment and management of complex wounds - provide assessment, treatment, advice, education and training on leg ulcers, pressure area care and complex wounds.

In addition, CSH Surrey runs training days throughout the year for external healthcare professionals (qualified and unqualified) on a range of issues such as wound care and compression bandaging.