NHS Friends and Family Test

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We would like to hear about your experience of CSH Surrey’s services

Please complete the NHS Friends and Family question to tell us about your experience; good or bad we want to know what you think so that we can continually monitor and improve our performance as well as celebrate when things go well. 

Please go to http://CSHSurrey.iwgc.net to tell us about your experience of our services


Giving feedback in this way is completely anonymous, you do not leave your contact details. Please tell us as much as you can so that we can listen to what you tell us and share your comments with the teams delivering your care and treatment.



We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your feedback!

To watch a short animation by NHS England about the 'NHS England Friends and family Test' please click the image below.


FFT results for CSH Surrey

CSH Surrey brings all of the responses together each month to work out its Friends and Family Test score, which is then submitted to NHS England.

The Friends and Family Test results are displayed each month as two measures:

  • The percentage of patients who would recommend our services (likely or extremely likely)
  • The percentage of patients who would not recommend our services (unlikely or extremely unlikely)

Those patients who respond ‘neither likely nor unlikely’ or ‘don’t know’ are not displayed.

These are the Friends and Family Test scores for CSH Surrey (all services combined) for the previous 12 months:

February 2018        Would recommend 98.8%       Would not recommend 0.9%

January 2018          Would recommend 96%          Would not recommend  2%

December 2017       Would recommend 96.6%       Would not recommend  1.4%

November 2017       Would recommend 96.5%       Would not recommend 0.9%

October  2017          Would recommend 96.5%       Would not recommend 0.9%

September  2017     Would recommend 98%          Would not recommend 0%

August 2017           Would recommend 97%          Would not recommend 0%

July 2017                Would recommend 97%          Would not recommend 0%

June 2017                Would recommend: 98%        Would not recommend: 0%

May 2017                Would recommend: 99%        Would not recommend: 0%

April 2017                Would recommend: 97%        Would not recommend: 0.8%

March 2017             Would recommend: 99%        Would not recommend 0%