Continence Service - Adult

The continence team runs specialist telephone clinics for people above the age of 19 with troublesome bladder and bowel symptoms, face-to-face catheter clinics for independent patients who meet the criteria, and training for the care homes, community wards and community nurses in the North West Surrey area. 

“I had excellent care when attending the clinic, and would like to say what very nice and kind doctors and nurses attended me. The staff have been most helpful and were very informative.”

Patient attending continence clinic

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Continence Clinics

All continence clinics are held via telephone appointment. All referrals to the service will need to be made via the SPA referrals team on

The aim of a continence assessment is to discover the cause of an individual’s bladder/bowel symptoms and put a plan in place to improve them. If symptoms cannot be improved, management options that best suit the individual’s needs can be trialled and provided on prescription.

The continence team is available on or 01483 846388.

Catheter Clinics

Catheter clinics are held in three locations: Ashford Hospital, Woking Community Hospital and Walton Community Hospital. Each clinic has an allocated day and are available for routine catheter changes for individuals who can get to the clinic and get on the couch independently. This service is by appointment only and not appropriate for walk ins.

All referrals to the service will need to be made via the SPA referrals team on 

The Continence Team is available on or 01483 846388.