Continence Service - Adult

The Continence Service provides assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide range of conditions that affect the bladder, bowel and pelvic floor. The service also holds catheter clinics for those able to attend.

The team comprises of specialist nurses who work directly with patients as well as other healthcare professionals to support people with Continence/ Catheter care.

“I had excellent care when attending the clinic, and would like to say what very nice and kind doctors and nurses attended me. The staff have been most helpful and were very informative.”

Patient attending continence clinic

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As well as one-to-one appointments, the Continence Service runs specialist clinics and makes visits to people in residential and nursing homes.

The team also provides education, training and support to CSH Surrey’s community nursing teams who provide continence care for those who are housebound. In addition the team works with nursing homes to educate, train and support staff to provide suitable continence care for their residents.

When issues of incontience cannot be cured or improved, a home delivery service for continence products can be arranged for patients who meet the criteria.

Continence Clinics

Both men and women with troublesome bladder or bowel symptoms can refer themselves for a telephone Continence consultation to receive advice, assessment and treatment planning. All referrals need to be made via the SPA referrals team on Self referrals will also be accepted via the SPA referrals team.

The Continence Team is available on

Catheter Clinics

The Catheter clinics are available for men and women who are able to get to the clinic and are able to transfer onto the couch independently.