GP Treatment Room services

This service is provided by CSH Surrey for patients referred by the Church Street Practice and Rowan Tree practice in Weybridge.

The treatments include:

  • Would care clinics
  • Leg ulcer clinics
  • Phlebotomy clinics
  • ECGs
  • Injections
  • Removal of clips and stitches
  • Urinalysis.

Please note: As of Friday 28 August 2020, we have made some changes to the way you access our services at the Weybridge Treatment Rooms.

Your GP (family doctor) will now refer you to our service if you need any of the above treatment. Also, if you need to be seen at our complex wound care clinic or leg ulcer clinic.

If you have any queries then your GP should be your first point of contact.

It will no longer be possible to call us directly or drop-in without an appointment arranged by your GP.

By making these changes we will be able to provide an improved service in partnership with your GP.

Patients of Church Street Practice and Rowan Tree practice are referred to the treatment room clinics by their GP. 

The clinics are run by registered nurses, technicians and phlebotomists.