Temporary staffing (Bank)

Our temporary (Bank) workers - both clinical and non-clinical/admin - are a valued part of our workforce: they help us to meet variations in activity levels, cover vacancies, cover some staff absences, as well as to bring in specific skills for short periods of time.

Many of our temporary workers find such arrangements to be more suitable to their lifestyle and needs: you could work for a day here and there, for a week or for a number of months. Temporary work could be your main method of working or a secondary role. We have many temporary workers who also hold substantive posts within our services.

There are many varied reasons for working on a temporary basis. These include:

  • To achieve  a better work-life balance;
  • To gradually return to work after a break;
  • To work in an area where there are may be no current permanent vacancies;
  • Wanting to earn some extra money;
  • The aspiration to gain more skills and experience;
  • To work for CSH Surrey without committing to a permanent post;
  • Relocating from another part of the country/world and wanting to see if CSH Surrey is the right place for you.

Benefits of working on the Bank

As a member of our temporary workforce you will:

  • Be able to work full or part time
  • Receive holiday pay
  • Be paid weekly
  • Have access to our extensive training opportunities
  • Have access to NHS discounts and benefits, including the NHS pensions scheme
  • Have access to our occupational health services
  • Have access to a diverse range of roles across our community services, both Adults and Children & Families
  • Be treated as an internal applicant if you want to apply for permanent jobs with us.

Temporary worker pay

CSH Surrey's temporary workers are paid based on Agenda for Change pay rates and the following broad CSH Surrey principles:

  • If you already hold a similar substantive post within the NHS/CSH Surrey at the same banding as the temporary post, we will match your pay point
  • If you already hold a substantive post within the NHS/CSH Surrey at a higher banding than the bank post, you will be paid at the top point of the temporary post (provided the temporary pay point is not higher than that of your substantive post)
  • If you don't currently work within the NHS, we will take your experience into account when determining the pay point of the temporary post.

All our temporary posts receive an annual increment, provided certain criteria are met.

Pay is made up of a number of elements including:

  • Basic pay;
  • Outer High Cost Area (HCA) supplement at a rate of 5%;
  • Unsocial hours payments (when applicable) in line with Agenda for Change.

Join our temporary workforce

If you are interesting in joining our temporary workforce, have a look at our current vacancies on NHS jobs.

Alternatively, if you cannot see any suitable bank vacancies at this time, or would like to discuss joining our temporary workforce, you can contact our Flexible Workforce Team by email on csh.flexibleworkforce@nhs.net 

Photo of Kim Shoosmith staff nurse

Staff Nurse, Leatherhead District Nursing Team Kim Shoosmith

I have worked as a Staff Nurse on CSH Surrey’s Bank Staff since the start of 2015. The District Nursing team treats the Bank Staff as they would any member of staff who held a substantive post and so do the managers.

Before I joined CSH Surrey’s Bank I was with an agency, but as an agency nurse you are in different places and don't ever feel that you belong and are part of a team. Working on the Bank enables me to work as part of a team while choosing hours that fit in with my life.

I enjoy working for CSH Surrey and have always felt respected and supported, which I believe goes a long way.

Photo of Mark Lincoln Healthcare Assistant

Healthcare Assistant Mark Lincoln

I have a full-time job as a team leader at a local residential care home, but for the last year I have also worked on CSH Surrey's Bank as a healthcare assistant at Dorking Community Hospital. My background is in rehabilitation and I was keen to get back to what I'd been trained in.

I tell CSH Surrey when I’m available and they sort me out on the rotas. I normally do a couple of shifts a week, often working at the hospital in the morning and then at the care home in the afternoon. I enjoy working at the hospital - it's a friendly team and it's nice to be in a hands-on role again.

Photo of Emma Spencer-Skeen

Administrator Emma Spencer-Skeen

Before joining CSH Surrey’s Bank in March 2015 I was temping with Huntress and had been placed on jobs within CSH Surrey services.

I enjoyed the work and environment and the CSH Surrey staff were nice too, so I decided to join CSH Surrey’s Bank and work for them directly. Because CSH Surrey is a social enterprise I think this gives it a different feel. It’s not all about making a profit; it’s about providing quality care and services.

The main benefit of being on the Bank team is flexibility – flexible days, hours and I can take holidays and days off when I like, meaning I can fit work in around my family and home commitments. The work is also varied and I get experience in different departments and locations. This has included working with the HR team as well as the Continence, Physiotherapy and Neuro Rehabilitation Services. I’ve also done some work on the reception at Leatherhead Hospital.